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Waterlyn News!
We hope you are excitedly awaiting the opening of our pool this Saturday, June 6, 2020.  There will be a lot of operation and procedure changes this season, so we encourage you to read the attached pool letter and rules in their entirety.
The most notable, will be a requirement by the State of North Carolina to limit the number of people that can be in the pool and on the deck at one time.  In order to ensure the pool attendant can manage our limits, we will only allow a total of 50 people in the pool area at a time.γ€€The first-come/first-serve process is detailed in the attachment. We will be adding a neon capacity sign to the gate. When it is up you will know the pool is at capacity.γ€€ No sign, then its open to take swimmers.  Daily the pool will close twice for required cleanings, at that time the pool deck will be completely cleared.  If you were in the first session, you will have to wait until all first visit swimmers are admitted.  Once we reach capacity no more users will be allowed in.γ€€γ€€
It has taken a lot of effort in a short period of time to develop a process that would be fair and aid in reducing the spread of Covid-19.  In order for this to work, it will take all of us working together and being sensitive to our neighbors.  Neither the Board of Directors or Management Company will be consistently on site to mitigate concerns.  Therefore,if it is determined that we can not work together within these limits, if we receive reports of aggression or hostility towards the attendant or neighbors, the Board will close the pool until the state regulations are more relaxed.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Rita on her cell at (704)962-7825.
In closing, be reminded, that you must have a working fob to enter the pool area.  If you need a replacement or are a new owner, please contact CAMS Management via your web portal at www.camsmgt.com or by calling (704)731-5560.  A complete copy of the pool letter and rules has been posted under the documents tab on the left.  Please take a moment to review them. 
We hope you have a great swim season!

What's Hot and New in the Coummunity!

By far the number one complaint we receive from residents is the concern regarding speeding in our community.  This concern can be easily resolved if every resident take a moment to ensure they are obeying the 25 mph speed limit within the community.  If this behavior does not change, it is only a matter of time before we could be faced with a very unfortunate accident.  Our concern is for our children, walkers and other drivers.  The Board is soliciting the help of CMPD to curb this behavior.  We also encourage owners to report the license plate number and/or make and model of the vehicle of violators to 911.  If you are uncomfortable with reporting, you may
also contact CAMS to report on your behalf.  Along those same lines, street parking and oversize commercial vehicles are also becoming a concern in the community.  On street parking should be temporary.  You certainly  should refrain from blocking mailboxes or driveways.  Commercial Vehicles are addressed on a case by case basis, any weighted vehicle over 10K pounds, box trucks, tractor trailers are expressly prohibited.  In 2020, we
will make a concerted effort to address these concerns.  Finally, with the aid of Code Enforcement we are addressing abandon or disabled vehicles parked on our streets.  If you note any of these concerns please report to CAMS or your local code enforcement office.

* Pool Restrooms have been completely renovated this past Winter 2020
* Pool Parking lot was crack filled, seal-coated & re-striped this Spring 2020
* Townhome Project Connecting to Settlers Path
* New Signage on various areas of the neighborhood

* Clean Siding - Remove Mildew and Dirt
* Mailboxes should be standard height and size.  Details under Frequently Asked Questions on website
* All personal property should be stored out of sight
* You must have at least one street tree in front yard
* Lawns should be mowed, edged and have fresh ground cover in all your beds
* Shutters and Doors must be painted
* Blinds and Window Treatments should be in good condition
* Trash cans should be stored out of sight

Neighborhood Topics

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CAMS - Management Company
The HOA Management Company is CAMS, below is their mailing address should you need to contact them.
Their office is address is:
1515 Mockingbird Lane
Suite 600
Charlotte, NC 28209
Our property manager is Rita Barrett.  You may reach out to CAMS via phone at 704-731-5560 or via email RBarrett@CAMSmgt.com.
Feel free to contact her if you should have any questions regarding CAMS.

Looking for Answers?
Look no further! Click on the FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions) Tab on the left side and get answers to the most frequent asked questions. You can't find the answer you are looking for? Send an email to info@waterlyncommunity.com

You see a Street Light Out?
Please help keep our neighborhood safe!  If a street light is out in front of your home, please go to www.duke-energy.com.  Select North Carolina, click on customer service, click on report a street light outage.  Fill out the form and submit.  That easy! 
Thank you all for keeping our neighborhood safer!