Mailbox and Address Vinyl Numbers Replacement
If your mailbox is in need of replacement or your street address vinyl numbers have faded and need to be replaced, please contact Carolina Mailboxes Inc. at 704-334-3393 or their website at http://www.carolinamailboxes.com/store/mailbox-systems/cs14.html.   
The Concord mailbox style is the only "Approved" style for our community (mention this style when ordering the vinyl number replacement).
Complete Mailbox: $158.00
Installed: $60.00 (additional)
Gold 3" Vinyl Numbers: $16.00 (full set for both side)
Concord Mailbox Style

How do I get a Pool Card? When you purchased and/or leased your home, you should have received it. Please contact the home builder and/or your landlord. 
If you rent a home, then your landlord and/or owner will have to prove to CAMS a copy of your current lease.  You may send a copy of your lease to info@waterlyncommunity.com
How can I get a replacement? Send an email to info@waterlyncommunity.com requesting a replacement. There is a $25.00 replacement fee. Please send your payment to CAMS Management, C/O Waterlyn Pool, 4701 Hedgemore Drive, Suite 816, Charlotte, NC 28209. Make checks payable to Waterlyn HOA. For easier process, please write on the check: Pool Card Replacement Fee. Once the request and payment has been received, your new card will be delivered to you. Please note that in order to process a card replacement, the HOA dues must be current.
My Pool Card is not working: Send a request for re-activation via email to info@waterlyncommunity.com. Please include the entire pool card number that appears on the card. The request may take up to 24 hours to process.
Can I reserve the pool for private parties? No. The pool is for the enjoyment of the entire Waterlyn community, not for a selected or private groups.
Can my access to the pool be revoked? Yes. The pool privileges can be revoked by the board of directors IF any of the following occur (but not limited to):
1- Not complying with any of the pool rules and regulations
2- Delinquent in the HOA dues
3- Vandalism or destruction of property

Website Access
How do I get access to the restricted website pages? From the home page, click on register right above "welcome" and complete the Online registration. Please note that if you are a renter, the owner of the house (landlord) or its designated legal property manager MUST submit the request on your behalf. A copy of the lease is required describing the leasing/renting period.
How long does it take to get approved to access the restricted pages? Typically it takes between 48-72 hours.
I registered and I do not see my profile - In order for your profile to show Online, you have to select "yes- show my profile."
I don't want my contact information to be posted on the website - Once you register select "no - show my profile" on your Online profile so that your contact information will not show on the Online resident directory.
Can I update my information in my profile at any time? Yes, you can update your information as many times as needed.
I forgot my password. How can I get it? On the log in page, enter your user name (typically your email address), and then click on "forgot password." It will be emailed to the email address we have on file.